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Leona and Mitch – A few Rolleiflex frames


This lovely wedding was held at the Gary Farrell Winery in Healdsburg, California.
Frames taken with a Rolleiflex 3.5f on Kodak Portra 400 and Tmax 400.

  • Becky Young - Awesome set! I really like the motion in the first one, very nice!

  • Jessica Schilling - Beautiful images, I love the lush tones in the woods and the black and white looks so cool too.

  • ayesha - lovely images and tones – especially those shots in the damp woods!

  • Chris Bartow - The path into the enchanted forest shot is awesome.

  • Shella - These are lovely, love the first frame and how it captures the movement.

  • Caryn - So so so gorgeous! And rad that you shot these with a Rolleiflex! Well done!

  • /mariahedengren - Nice colors in these shots.

  • Jessie - Love the bridge shot!

  • Avelaine S - Love the tones on the Portra. Great shots!

  • Sarah - Love the colors and the shot on the path!

  • damian burcher - Great feel to these. I always have the upmost respect for photographers who shoot film.

  • Douglas Pettway - I’m loving that bridge photo and that greenery.

  • Tim Kamppinen - Nice, gotta love the square format.

Christina and Ryan, engaged!

These are my friends. They’re getting married soon. I get to be a guest.


All frames shot on a Rolleiflex (except for the last one).

  • JJ Dodd - I love all of this big sis. Congrats

  • Heather J - Oh man, this makes me want to take my Rollei out more. It’s one hell of a camera, and these images are proof of that!

  • Becca Dilley - adorable and fun!

  • Damien - Nice work indeed. Love the first image!

  • ayesha - so incredibly sweet, and the beautiful light just compliments that perfectly.

  • Rachael - Great work, I love the two middle black and whites especially!

  • Isabelle - LOVE your film work. This e-session is beyond cute!!

  • Fete Photography - I want a Rolleiflex real bad. What a great session. And that last one is really cool!

  • Mandy - What a gorgeous couple. I love how you captured their personalities! Great images.

  • Heather E - I love your location choices here! And you have such a cool take on that famous arrow on the embarcadaro :)

  • Sachin - Man, sharpness is overrated … I love the softness, movement and feel to these images .. beauty!

  • kate - aw, they look so happy. great photos!

  • benj haisch - so good. love the Rollei.

  • K. Morgan - Their so lovely! Nice shots!

Angellyca and Mercel – Rolleiflex Wedding Photography

Although I only shoot weddings with digital cameras, I occasionally take a film camera along whenever the mood strikes. Well the mood struck recently at Angellyca and Mercel’s wedding. The frames below were taken with my Rolleiflex 3.5f ┬ámedium format camera. Film used was Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak Tmax 400. I will post the digital frames a little later.


  • Prudence - Awesome! Real togs can make magic with film….

  • Heather Kanilopoolos - WOW those portraits of the bride are especially stunning!! Gorgeous use of light!

  • tim riddick - what a beautiful bride… sooo good!

  • Sachin - Stunning bride! Love these!

  • don barrington - her boutique is amazing. great color grading

  • kong wai - Amazing wedding. you captured so well.

  • shyann - Beautiful bride. Lovely photos!!

  • Jessica Schilling - These are beautiful! I’ve been trying to shoot more film at weddings, and this is a great inspiration!

  • Dominique / York Place - Such a fresh look to these, gorgeous work

  • Johanna - Beautiful frames! :) I love the first BW photo of her looking at the camera. Her smile is beautiful!

Jordan and Travis, Married – Fremont Wedding Photography

Enjoy these few moments from Jordan and Travis’ recent backyard wedding.

  • dan - Really love the getting ready shots, great work!

  • Teresa K - I simply ADORE that last shot so much!!

  • ryan - that dancefloor is cool! Oh, and I also love that last one too!

  • Lindsay Taryn - The shot of them behind the Just Married sign? PERFECTION!

  • Dean Govier - Really good coverage of what looked like a fun wedding. I really like the brides portraits under the tree, she looks stunning.

  • Ross Harvey - Beautiful wedding!

  • heather nan - Sweet and lovely wedding. Wonderful work.

  • don barrington - what a stylish wedding. very nicely done.

  • Damien - Loving the relaxed vibe here, really comes through in the set.